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A curated, open-source set of community-built resources to help founder-led biotechs learn and thrive.


Find the latest in biology and biotech news, research and articles on a variety of topics from founders, investors, and journalists in the know.

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The biotechnology community is growing rapidly and there is a lot to learn. There are many online resources and forums where people can learn about biotechnology and share information.

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There's no excuse not to know biology and biotech! Free online courses for everyone! Learn at your own pace and improve your skills.

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Fellowships in biotech for where the next generation of leaders are made.

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Find the right non-dilutive grant to kickstart your potential future biotech business.

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The best way to keep up with the latest in biopharma.

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Hear about the business of biotech, interviews with CEOs, scientists, and other leaders in the biotech industry.

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Speakers and Leaders of Pillar Bio

Follow all of our speakers and people who have helped built Pillar Bio since our conception!

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Biotech substacks write about the industry from different perspectives, providing insights into the latest news, advancements, and challenges facing the field

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A comprehensive list of tools for building in biology, including biotech hiring, legal, drug development, books, and patent resources.

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Twitter Leaders

This list of biotech influencers on twitter who tweet about the business of biotech, and what's going on in the industry.

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