Thank you for joining us for the Founder-Led Biotech Summit, where we spotlighted and supported founder-led biotech companies. Below are the recorded sessions from the events.


Emily Leproust is an American scientist and entrepreneur. She is the CEO and co-founder of Twist Bioscience, a public company working on DNA synthesis.

Emily Leproust
Co-founder & CEO, Twist Bioscience

Sri Kosuri

Sri is a biologist that has built technologies, labs, and companies in synthetic biology, functional genomics, and bioinformatics over the last 20 years. He is currently co-founder and CEO of Octant.

Sri Kosuri
Co-founder & CEO, Octant

Data Platforms in Biotech

We discuss the sweeping transformation of biotech’s data platforms and how it is enabling new kinds of life science.

Alfredo Andere
Co-founder & CEO, Latch Bio
Alex Wolf
Co-founder & CEO, Lamin Labs
Elizabeth Hudson
CTO, Omega Funds

Chris Gibson

Chris has led Recursion as CEO since founding through public listing, 4 clinical-stage programs, and over 50 pre-clinical and discovery programs in diverse therapeutic areas.

Chris Gibson
Co-founder & CEO, Recursion

Josh Mandel-Brehm

Josh has held key business development and operations leadership roles at leading biotech companies over the past 20 years. He is currently CEO at Camp4 which raised a $100M Series B this summer.

Josh Mandel-Brehm
CEO, Camp4 Therapeutics

Pathways to Entrepreneurship

Three entrepreneurs of different backgrounds tell us how they got where they are, and advice for starting companies.

Isaac Stoner
Co-founder & CEO, Octagon Therapeutics
Judy Savitskaya
Co-founder & CPO, Stealth
Raman Talwar
Co-founder & CTO, Gate Bioscience

Reproductive Health

The future of reproduction will look very different than today. Join us with four founders working on different problems in this exciting space.

Ivana Vasic
CEO and Co-founder, Vitra Labs
Elizabeth Ruzzo
Founder, adyn
Piraye Beim
Founder and CEO, Celmatix
Kevin Eisenfrats
Co-founder & CEO, Contraline

Andy Beck

Andy is the co-founder and CEO of PathAI whose mission is to improve patient outcomes with AI-powered pathology. 

Andy Beck
Co-founder & CEO, PathAI

Seemay Chou

Seemay is trained as a biochemist/structural biologist with Tom Alber at UC Berkeley and is interested in uncovering mechanisms that drive microbe-microbe and host-microbe interactions.

Seemay Chou
Co-founder & CEO, Arcadia Science

Alec Nielsen

Alec is founder & CEO of Asimov where they are developing a mammalian synthetic biology platform––from cells to software––to enable biotechnologies with outsized impact.

Alec Nielsen
Founder & CEO, Asmiov

Bioengineering for Therapeutics

Gene and cell therapies are reshaping how we address previously untreatable illnesses. Join us for a panel with four founders leading the industry.

Kevin Parker
Co-founder & CEO, Cartography
Lex Rovner
Co-founder & CEO, 64x Bio
Jacob Borrajo
Founder & CEO, Amber Bio
Jake Becraft
Co-founder & CEO, Strand Therapeutics

Next-generation Tools for Life Sciences

Sydney Brenner once said “Progress in science depends on new techniques, new discoveries and new ideas, probably in that order.” Visions for where tools will take us.

Josie Kishi
Co-founder & CEO, Stealth
Andy Heron
Co-founder & CEO, Portal Biotech
Mimoun Cadosch Delmar
Founder & CEO, Matterworks
Miriam Huntley
Co-founder & CTO, Day Zero Diagnostics

Sustainability and Climate Biotech

Four founders tell us about new applications for biotechnology to build a more climate-positive future.

Luciano Bueno
Co-founder & CEO, Galy
Nathaniel Chu
Co-founder & CEO, Tezza
Maricel Saenz
Founder & CEO, Compound
Jen Keane
Co-founder & CEO, Modern Synthesis

New Funding and Organizational Models

We explore the recent explosion of new models for biotech innovation.

Alok Tayi
Founder & CEO, Vibe Bio
Anastasia Gamick
Co-founder & COO, Convergent Research
Lada Nuzhna
Director, Impetus Grants

Jasmin Hume

Jasmin founded the biotechnology startup Shiru to make delicious, nutritious, sustainable, and scalable ingredients so that all food companies on Earth can quickly develop plant-based products.

Jamine Hume
Founder & CEO, Shiru