Thank you for joining us for the Founder-Led Biotech Summit, where we spotlighted and supported founder-led biotech companies. Below are the recorded sessions from the events.

Living on the edge: Emerging opportunities in extreme biology

Panel discussion on emerging opportunities in extreme biology. Hosted by Fauna Bio, Arcadia Science and Peel Therapeutics.

Ashley Zehnder
Co-founder & CEO
Fauna Bio
Seemay Chou
Co-founder & CEO
Arcadia Science
Joshua Schiffman
Co-founder & CEO
PEEL Therapeutics

IP Law for startups

Workshop covering the basics of IP law for biotech startups. Hosted by Goodwin.

Erini Svokos
Partner, Technology and Life Sciences

panel: Accelerating biotech product development

Learn from leaders developing transformative technologies for cell transfection, lab-grown cotton and DNA data storage. Hosted by Cambridge Consultants.

Mike Dunkley
SVP of Bioinnovation,
Cambridge Consultants
Bethany Grant 
Head of R&D,
Tracy Kambara
Head of Molecular Biology
Luciano Bueno
Founder and CEO

The 4 truths of hiring

Advice for biotech founders on hiring and compliance. Hosted by TriNet.

David Edelson
Director, International Services
Kate Kozak
National Industry Director, Life Science

building ip as an asset

Learn how to create an advantage in biotech with intellectual property. Hosted by Greenberg Traurig.

David Harburger
Life Sciences Patent Attorney & Shareholder,
Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Virtual lab tour:
Nest Bio Labs

Attend a virtual lab tour with Nest Bio Labs.

Joy Srinivas-Vargas
Lab Operations Manager, 
Nest Bio Labs

Virtual lab tour:
Greentown labs

Attend a virtual lab tour with Greentown Labs.

Sam Crum
Membership Growth Manager,
Greentown Labs

Virtual lab tour:
lab central

Attend a virtual lab tour with Lab Central.

Johannes Fruehauf
Co-founder and President,
Lab Central

Virtual lab tour:
Alexandria Launchlabs

Attend a virtual lab tour with Alexandria LaunchLabs.

Jill Kirchdorfer
Director of Lab Operations,
Alexandria LaunchLabs
Gabrielle Wood
Senior Operations Coordinator,
Alexandria LaunchLabs